Réchauffeur Electrique Pour Piscine Spa Thermostat Chauffage Pompe à Chaleur

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Commutateur de contrôle de la température à réinitialisation manuelle: lorsque la température élevée attendue est de 60, le commutateur de température met le système hors tension

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11KW 220V Piscine Chauffage Eau Chaude Pompe à Chaleur Spa

The ST series pool heaters are special used for small pool less than 5CBM, massage pool and hot spring to heat and keep warm; Meanwhile, can be a assistant for heat pump in heating. This product adopts latest constant temperature controller, temperature sensor replaces traditional magnetic flow switch, it improves greatly of trouble free in working time, adaptability of water environment and stability.

1. Read through the manual carefully to know better about the heater’s installation and operation, and check the parameters before installation.
2. Check the circulation system first before turn on the heater.
3. Never disassemble the heater when connecting to power supply.
4. Never turn on the heater without water
5. No power switch is designed for the heater. The front panel switch can only turn off the controller, thus you should cut off the main power supply before performing maintenance or repair.
6. Proper grounding is important.
7. Start the circulation pump for at least 2 minutes before turn on the heater, and turn off the circulation pump at least 2 minutes after turn off the heater.
8. Once unexpected high temperature 60℃(140℉)occurs, the temperature switch cuts off the system. You need to cut off the main power supply, resolve the fault and wait the temperature to fall below normal temperature, then press the ‘Reset’ button to restart the heater.
Control system automatically heat-up procedure
1. Preparation stage
Once reconnected to power or if the water temperature is 1℃ below the user setting temperature at least 10 minutes after entering the waiting stage, the heater enters the preparation stage.‘PUMP WORKING’indicator lights. If hint message ‘’ does not appear on the panel within 2 minutes, and the water temperature is 1℃ below the user setting temperature after 2 minutes, the heater enters next stage pre-heat stage.
2. Pre-heat stage
In this stage, heater heats up for 10 seconds and waits for 90 seconds. ‘Heating’ indicator lights for 10 seconds. If hint message ‘’ does not appear on the panel and the water temperature is 1℃ below the user setting temperature, heater enters next stage heat-up stage.
3. Heat-up stage
In this stage, all heating elements turn on, and heating indicator turns on as well. If hint message ‘’ does not appear, heater will heat up to 1℃ above the user setting temperature, then heating indicator blinks for 2 minutes. After that, circulation pump turns off for models with circulation pump control. Heater enters next stage waiting stage.
4. Waiting stage
Waiting stage lasts for at least 10 minutes. 10 minutes later, if the water temperature is 1℃ below the user setting temperature, the heater jumps to preparation stage, otherwise, it remains in the waiting stage.
The automatically heat-up process is non-stopping and will continue to circulating through all stages until the control system or heater is power off. You could ask for models with separated circulation pump control function.
Control panel functions
▲ Increase the user setting temperature by 1℃ or 2℉.
▼ Decrease the user setting temperature by 1℃ or 2℉.
#Switching button
1. Switch between temperature unit:Press # button for more than 3 seconds,panel displays ℃ and ℉ in turns. Release the button once the unit you wish to choose appears, 5 seconds later, panel restore to display the current water temperature.
2. Switch between temperature sensors:Press# button, the panel will blink and display temperature measured by temperature sensor 2. After 5 seconds or press the#button again, panel will restore to display current water temperature which is measured by temperature sensor 1.
Temperature display and setting
1. Temperature display range 6℃~53℃ or 43℉~127℉。
2. Temperature setting range 22℃~50℃ or 72℉~122℉,factory default temperature is 42℃。
3. Set the temperature
Press▲ or ▼ button to increase or decrease the setting temperature by 1℃(2℉),and the panel blinks and display the setting temperature. 5 seconds later, the panel stops blinking, confirm the setting change and restore the current temperature display.
4. If reconnected to power, the user setting temperature is set to default temperature 42℃.
Unique control system
1. The flow-temperature sensor is always under the control of software, accurately monitoring the temperature status of the whole system, and then adjust the settings to maintain the water temperature and protect the heater from unexpected situations.
2. No mechanical sensors, avoid any mechanical failure to affect the function of the heater.
3. Avoid affection of ion accumulation to mechanical sensors.
4. Greatly reduce unnecessary circulation cycles, prolong the life of circulation pumps and save more energy.
Intelligent self-diagnose function
The control system keeps on monitoring the running status of every parts of the heater, and quickly reacts and displays corresponding hint message for any incident, so as to avoid any damage or malfunction happens.

If any fault happens, the heater is stopped immediately, and corresponding hint message will display on the panel for user or technician to decide where the fault is. The safety of customer is the top priority.
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